Shocking DC FanDome Reveals

Top 5 Most Shocking DC FanDome Reveals | August 2020


Top 5 Most Shocking DC FanDome Reveals | August 2020


Today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 5 Most Shocking DC FanDome Reveals. For this list, we’re looking at the announcements that came out of DC’s online event. If you haven’t seen all of the online panels yet beware of major spoilers coming your way. Be sure to let us know what your favorite ” Shocking DC FanDome Reveals ” moment was in the comments below.

Shocking DC FanDome Reveals

So let’s get started with Shocking DC FanDome Reveals. :


5. Who’s Who in James Gunn’s ‘The Suicide Squad’.

It’s a good time to be a fan of the “Suicide Squad”. During DC FanDome, we finally got confirmation about who everyone’s playing in James Gunn’s upcoming film.

Shocking DC FanDome Reveals

Idris Elba is the mercenary Bloodsport, John Cena is going to be the violent Peacemaker and Peter Capaldi will outsmart his foes as The Thinker. The serious villains will be balanced out by Sean Gunn’s “Weasel”, Daniella Melchior’s “Ratcatcher 2″ and David Dastmalchian’s “Polkadotman”.

Although we don’t have time to go through the entire cast list, a short teaser revealed who Nathan Fillion, Pete Davidson, and more will be playing. Between the massive roster and James Gunn in the director’s chair, this film is shaping up to be a thousand times better than “2016’s Suicide Squad”.


4. The Snyder Cut Trailer.

Fans have spent years petitioning to see “Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League”. And this new trailer has finally given them the preview they were waiting for. We see glimpses of a redesigned Steppenwolf, Superman in a black suit, and the cinematic debut of the terrifying Darkseid.

Shocking DC FanDome Reveals

The trailer also shows that Cyborg and the Flash will have more scenes dedicated to developing their stories and characters. There’s even a hint that someone that originally survived the film might not make it through this new cut.

Fans will only have to wait until 2021 to see if Snyder’s changes are enough to turn the critically panned Justice League into an excellent superhero film.

3. “Gotham Knights” GAMEPLAY & STORY TRAILERS.

At the beginning of the trailer for “Gotham Nights”, we learned that Batman and Commissioner Gordon are dead. The only ones that can save Gotham are the remaining members of the Bat-family. Both the cinematic and gameplay trailers showed that you’ll be able to play as Nightwing, The RedHood Robin, and Batgirl. They’ll have to work together to take down Mr. Freeze, the Sinister Court of Owls, and any other villains that may try to control Gotham.

Shocking DC FanDome Reveals

Like the previously announced “Suicide Squad” game, you’ll be able to switch between characters and play the game in co-op mode. We’ll see how these heroes will save Gotham without Batman next year.


2. A New “Wonder Woman 1984” Trailer.

A few months after it was pushed back from its June 2020 release date, Wonder Woman 1984 gave us some stunning new footage.

Shocking DC FanDome Reveals

In the latest trailer, the Maniacal Maxwell Lord demonstrates that he’s a huge threat. We also see a few tender moments between Steve and Diana, but it was Kristen Wiig’s character “Barbara” that really stole the show. Not only is she strong enough to fight a demigod but she’ll make herself even more deadly by transforming into an impressive-looking human Cheetah hybrid. While it’s unclear what will turn barbara into a big bad. Diana looks more than ready to fight her new feline foe.


1. “The Batman” Trailer.

During the last panel of the night, director Matt Reeves let us know that the upcoming Gotham PD would take place before the highly anticipated film. After discussing the show reeves dropped a breathtaking preview of “The Batman”. 

Shocking DC FanDome Reveals

The trailer displayed Pattinson’s Batman as brutal, obsessive, and a little vulnerable. He’ll have to face off against Zoe Kravitz’s capable Catwoman and Paul Dano’s unhinged and relentless riddler. Fortunately, Pattinson’s Batman will have Andy Circus’s Alfred Jeffrey wright’s Commissioner Gordon and a stunning new suit to back him up.

Audiences have seen countless versions of the “Dark Knight” over the years, but this new trailer managed to build a Batman world that was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

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